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AlgEnerg Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in presenting itself as an ISO 9001 certified and FASSI approved organization that has been operating from its headquarters in Delhi (India). We serve as a diversified plant-based health and well-being company that excels in the export and supply of high protein animal feed supplement, Spirulina capsules, and Spirulina powder. We also possess unparalleled expertise in rendering turnkey projects solutions and engineering consultancy services. Our team has expertise in interdisciplinary sciences and engineering, wastewater treatment, international development, and business. We are acclaimed for offering systems that can empower local indigenous people with improved production of food and energy. We have active research contracts and technology validati Read more...

  • Name of Director
    Name of Director
    Mr. Sankhajit Pramanik
  • Year of Establishment
  • Nature of Business
    Exporters and Supplier

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  • Antioxident Supplimenty
    Antioxident Supplimenty
    Toxic chemicals, heavy metals present in our daily food which we take due to environmental, natural occurrence and human activities.
  • Micro Algae
    Micro Algae
    AlgEnerg is committed to the improvement of the world’s use of its natural resources through application of its innovative technologies using algae.
  • Waste Water Solution
    Waste Water Solution
    Extensive use of chemicals  results in huge amount of sludge which forms the so called hazardous solid waste generated by the industry.

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  • Applications

  • Algae use for high value Nutraceuticals. Which are good for human brain ,Skins Eyes and Cardiovascular system.
  • Algae as a rich source of nutrients like high protein,Omega-3,Various vitamins and minerals.
  • Algae use for High Value Cosmetics Industries Wellness treatments , Face masks, Various care cosmetic products. This are good for reduce cell stress and slow down skin aging.
  • Algae use for Natural Dye Natural pigments which are used in cosmetic products, food and Medical applications.
  • Algae biomass are appreciated in the aquaculture as well as feed-supplement for animals for their  unique amino acid composition in combination with important micro-nutrients.
  • Increase crop yield. Stimulate plant growth. Restore natural growth of soil.
  • Algae Bioplastics are flexible , durable biodegradable in natural environment.
  • Lipid extract from algae produce bio diesel. Company target to reduce bio diesel cost than fossil fuels. Bio-ethanol or biobutanol from algae sugars, long-chain hydrocarbons, hydrogen, methane, and crude oils from the pyrolysis of algae biomass.
  • Algae are able to filter toxins as well as residues out Out of the water and produce algae biomass which can be use for biogas production.

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