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Air Purification System Services

Air Purification System Services

An equivalent effects of smoking. Initially in normal body due lack of fresh air many health problem arise like headache, breathing problem etc. In a long span due to air pollution 35% of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease. Kill 7millon people every year. Health impacts of air pollution cost more than 4% of countries GDP.


ALGENERG PVT LTD has been offering an air purification solution utilizing innovative and latest equipment and technologies across a wide spectrum of applications. We have secured recognition from several industrial sectors through our determined efforts. As tightening water/air quality regulations are challenging the limit of conventional treatment systems, we provide cost-effective systems and services that help optimize operational efficiencies and lower life-cycle costs.


AlgEnerg Pvt Ltd is committed to the improvement of the world’s use of its scarce natural resources through application of its innovative technologies using algae to :

  • Manage wastewater without the use of grid power
  • Generate renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Produce neutraceuticals more efficiently to improve human health
  • Produce higher plant yields for foods and ornamental uses.
  • Company focus on cultivation and  extraction , are across all stage in supply chain.
  • Company direct sale biomass to industries such as cosmetics & nutraceuticals.
  • Company focus on inhouse production of astaxanthin capsule and sale as high-value product through nutraceutical distributors.
  • The company’s aim is an eco-friendly production of highly-active natural products. We believe that even a tiny contribution to ecology will make a huge profit not only for us but for future generation in particular. Our team is steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and everything we do is to create a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

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