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Why Algae ?

Algae is sustainable as it provides important practical advantages over terrestrial crops, fish-based meals of Omega-3s, and fermented products.

  • Rapid Growth :  Microalgae are the earth’s most productive plants –– 10 to 15 times more prolific in biomass than the fastest growing land plant exploited for biofuel production.
  • Lower land footprint : compared to growing sugar or starch crops (sugar cane, sugar beets, corn, wheat, grains) as feedstocks for biofuels or Omega-3s, or oilseed crops (soybeans, rapeseed and canola, mustard, camelina, safflower, sunflower, and jatropha) as feedstocks for biofuels and chemicals.
  • Lower carbon footprint : compared to petroleum, fish-based feeds, fish-based Omega-3s, or fermentation-based fuels and nutrition products.
  • Lower fresh water footprint : compared to growing terrestrial crops or producing fermentation-based products.
  • Processing of microalgae is less complicated : due to algae’s small grain size and lack of lignocellulose. Lignocellulose, found in most non-food biomass sources of feedstocks  for “advanced biofuels” (such as cellulosic ethanol) greatly complicates the biomass-to-biofuel conversion


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